Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Horses that pull cars.

I feel I have forgot to share a few things about myself. I am a mother of three beautiful children. My eldest, Emily, is 7 years old, the middle, my only boy Ian, is 4 years old, and my youngest, Ivy, is almost 1. They can be pure joy or comlpete terrors depending on the day, hour or min. My husband, Andy, is a great man who helps out more then the average hubby. Needless to say we are always on the move.

So we went on a "family adventure" today with the kids. I say adventure but really it was running errands. We give it this exciting title in hopes our kids won't piss and moan too much while we get stuff done. Anyways, we were on our way to the store and my older two children are hounding their father to play angry birds on his smart phone. Andy tells them how there weren't any cell phones to play on when he and I were kids. I mentioned that when I was four we didn't have computers to play on either and my smart 7 year old turns to her brother and says,"yeah and they did have cars then but they needed horses to pull them around." Fantastic.

Even better, Andy has a note pad in a leather case he uses for work and Emily asks, "Is that a kindle daddy?" Andy politely says, "No honey, but i guess it is close. When I was little we didn't have kindles. We only had regular books and note books. We didn't have email so we had to write our letters and mail them." Emily says, "Oh, so you would write something down and send it to someone, and two days later they would read it and say 'oh.' Then they would write you back and two days later you would get it back and read it and say 'oh. ok.'" Andy looked at her, and with a completly straight face says, "Basically...yes." Priceless.

My kids crack me up.

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