Saturday, January 21, 2012

The grossest week of my life.

Be warned. It's true. By far the grossest week I've ever had and I given birth to three babies.

Andy was out of town for three days this week so I was flying solo on the parent front. That is a lot of diapers for one person to change and Ivy ate something that did not agree with her Monday night so I spent Tuseday with a vomming baby. Definately not ideal.

Ivy is currently teething and I'm petty sure she is working on those one year molars. As every parent might remember the diapers of a teething baby are funky and frequent. Ivy owns aproxamatly 18 pairs of pants and we went through them all in three days. So for the purpose of coping I gave Ivy a pretty gross nickname in my head. It wasn't intended to be said out loud but just thinking it was cathardic. Anyways, it was Spicy Mustard Butt. Gross right. I mentioned to Andy, when he came home, my method of dealing and he insisted I tell him. He could not stop laughing.

To add icing to the cake one of the babies I watch decided one day that right after lunch was the perfect time to completly chunder. Bless his heart he was playing with a container full of cars and was able to catch most of it in the toy bucket. I told you it was gross.

Needless to say even though this was the grossest week to date this is not a challenge for life to step up it's game. This week can take the cake in my opinion. No toppers here please.

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