Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bubble eater.

So Ivy's been a little under the weather and the only way I could get her to cool out was to put her in the tub. Now I tried just giving her a regular bath but the little one was still mad. So I pulled out the big guns, the bubble bath. Wouldn't you know she calmed right down.

I have what Andy likes to call a "delicate flower" I call it a high maintanence girl. Anyways, she is sitting in this bubble bath laughing her head off and I watch her attempt to eat the bubbles. Not with her hands, oh no that would be too sensable. She is putting her whole face in the bubbles with her tongue hanging out. I asked her "Is it nummy?" She looked up at me with her huge bubble beard and comes back with an enthusiastic "Mmmmmmmm." Kids are crazy but they always make me smile.

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