Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thomas the Tank Engine vs. Optimus Prime

My son is having his very first sleep over. His good friend will be spending the night at our house. Now these two boys set up the remote train tracks we have in our house and around the tracks they placed different "zones" as I like to call them. They have the robot zone with leader robot being Optimus Prime himself and there is the my little ponies that they call man eating ponies zone, which I think is rather clever considering each pony has a rainbow tail. Anyways, these trains have to race across the tracks and avoid these creatures. All of the sudden I hear them making epic battle noises and apparently there was all out chaos in the game and the trains have to fight for their lives. As the dust settles apparently only Thomas survives.

Ok, I love these kids to pieces but really, Thomas the Tank Engine? I'm pretty sure Optimus Prime would kick all their butts. Just saying. I try to suggest to Ian that Optimus Prime is a very big robot and he is very strong, and Ian looks right at me and says with a face lacking almost all emotion, "Mom your weird." I know I'm a bit old school but weird? I remember calling my dad weird, but I was probably 12 years old. My son is four. Has it come to that? Sad.

The boys then revise their train tracks and they are discussing different shapes they can make with the tracks. I hear them as they bicker about this piece and that piece and as they are finally starting to agree Ian's friend says It kind of looks like the shape of poop. OMG!!! He just compared the tracks to poop. I look at the train tracks and it is a winding trail that they have set up. I don't see poop but I tried to not laugh out loud.

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