Monday, March 5, 2012

Ian Strikes Again

Right. Another one from left field.
Alright I need to lay a little foundation for this one. In my kitchen, next to my sink, I have a pot of shamerocks. I've had these shamrocks for four years now. Some days I can barely keep the weeds in my yard alive but this house plant has stuck with me through it all.

I found Ian at the kitchen sink washing his hands with dish soap today. I buy dawn, the strong stuff, so Ian looked like he was wearing blue latex gloves with all the soap he had on them. I told him to quit squirreling arround and rinse his hands...and then I walk away. My bad.

I come back ten minutes later and find the plant flooded with water. All the way to the rim of the pot. And I also notice that the nearly full bottle of soap is over half gone. As I finish pouring out the water in the plant I notice a few bubbles at the base at the plant... Bubbles...great. Ten minutes later I'm still running cool water over my plant to wash out all the soap. Ian strikes again.

Killing shamrocks right before St Patricks Day cannot be good juju. I have my fingers crossed for my sturdy house plant. If it means anything Ian appologized and he seemed to really mean it. Then again he's starting to turn into a real proffessional appologizer. Maybe he'll be a PR agent one day. We'll see.:)

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