Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wrestling a greased pig.

Cold season is upon us and when you have an infant or toddler usually there is a perpetual faucet dripping from their face from October to May. Thankfully we are having an extraordinarily mild winter wich means Ivy is into her second cold of the season. Not bad for the begining of February.

I think it must be said that if you ever try to wipe a childs face they will fight you. They will twist and turn to escape your grasp as if you ment them bodily harm. Now try and wipe just the nose and you feel like you are wrestling a greased pig. I almost think the younger they are the harder they fight you as you attempt to remove the unsightly mucus on their faces. I once had a friend who said she didn't much care for children becasuse they were walking disease factories and today I have to agree on the disease part. I think I have consumed more vitamine C this week then I have in my entire life up until now.

As a mother, I love when my kids cuddle me when they feel ill. I can comfort them like no one else can, and there is nothing like that feeling of being the only thing your child needs to be soothed to sleep away their sickness. But there is something about the moment your child coughs or sneezes in your face that makes you feel sure you too will be joining the club of sickies in your home. So I'm sure I will be making another run to the store today...we're gonna need more tissues. I end this with a toast, with my orange juice raised high, to all the moms out there who wrestle their slippery kids just to make sure that their nose is clean.

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